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Oniro New colors PUxx nr.1 and nr. 2

New colors PUxx nr.1 and nr. 2

New colors PUxx nr. 1 and nr. 2

During the "intelligent" lock-down, we did not sit still at Oniro. We are already very far with the development and implementation of our new PUxx collection and we are completely ready! Samples, sample cards, swatches and the stock are all in our warehouse in Nieuwegein.

Despite the fact that we have omitted some colors from the samplecard of PUxx nr. 2, all colors will remain in the collection. In total we now have 59 colors and you can choose from no less than 12 new colors divided over the two collections.

Both collections have unique specifications and are identical in composition and specifications.

There is only a difference in the grain, PUxx nr. 1 has a very nice natural leather look and the PUxx nr.2 is completely flat and has a super matte finish.

In addition to all the usual technical specifications, PUxx is now DMF free.

Do you want to know exactly what all the technical specifications mean?

Please contact our collegues of sales Marlon and Richard.


Marlon@oniro.nl and +31 6 14885018

Richard@oniro.nl and +31 6 10014633


They are happy to take the time to explain to you how it actually works and what can and cannot be done. They will also give you a good and honest advice. In these Covid-19 times of disinfection, it is best to delve a little more into what a material can and cannot tolerate. Will this affect the lifespan?

What are the differences? What do and fo you not apply in a demanding environment? What requirements does your client set? Are these realistic?

In short, take your time and we will be happy to answer all your questions. 

You can also order samples. Send your e-mail with your wishes to orderdesk@oniro.nl or click here