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Oniro PUxx


PUxx is 100% developed by Oniro Textiles and benefits from more than 10 years of experience from both us and our partners. Every challenging application and request, each specific wish or requirement, from across the whole spectrum of end users in our industry – they’ve all been considered in the development of this innovative PU leatherette.

Ivonne Willemsen is responsible for the form and the stunning range of colors. It is supple and environmentally friendly, a PU leatherette with genuinely unique technical qualities.

The collection includes two variants - PUxx nr. 1 and PUxx nr. 2. Each has its own identity (structure, grain) and color palette, though both offer the same exceptional quality. Both variants can be easily combined with Fabrixx, Niroxx and Vixx.

  • PUxx is permanently flame retardant and is very scratch and wear resistant
  • PUxx does not contain plasticizers and can be disinfected with alcohol, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide solutions
  • PUxx is easy to maintain and very easy to dust (also on organic models)
  • PUxx is available in 59 colors (both variants)
  • PUxx has the Oeko-tex certificate
  • PUxx can be delivered fast – all colors are on stock in our warehouse in Zeist
  • PUxx has less propensity to sweat than traditional vinyl leatherettes