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Oniro 2022: it flew by very quick

2022: it flew by very quick

2022: it fley by very quick

A year with multiple faces, in the beginning corona ciscumstances followed by a very nasty and cruel war in Ukraine.

Fortunately, not only bad news, we welcome two new colleagues in the field of sales at Oniro. Colleague Michelle started on May 1 and Sten joined our sales team on September 1.

The introduction of our outdoor fabric Sunshine is a fact. In addition, we have introduced new colors in the Fabrixx Blend and Fabrixx Wool.

But also next year there will be great developments, Gabriel will introduce Lamina and Focus Royal and we are busy preparing the introduction of a wide collection of artificial leather from Monteiro Fabrics.

Since 1967, Monteiro Fabrics has been producing artificial leather in Porto for shoes, bags, fashion accessories and, of course, furniture.

Tecnically high-quality materials in many different colors and structures.

From January 3, 2023 we will be ready to support and advise with great enthusiasm.

Enjoy the holidays and lots of happiness, health and wisdom for the new year!


We are ready!